We got engaged. Now to find all the ways we want to celebrate with friends and family. We for one barely came around to the idea of having a "wedding" so no we won't be doing all the normal shit. 

I love shooting weddings. I love hanging out with people, getting to know them and their families and taking the time to capture that and share it with their friends. 

However it was tough to think.... who would I want to / trust to capture our day / party. 

- First things first, I fully recognize the importance of the wedding photos and the wedding day. But I don't think the photos and video captured are indicative of our entire relationship. This. This day. This important day. Is just another day. It just happens to be the day we celebrate being in love and committing the rest of our lives together. nbd. 

- I fully recognize that if I could do my own wedding I would. But meh. So I got someone I very much love and trust to shoot the video. The wonderful brother of mine Jay Worsley. Check out his magic here. 

Now begins interviews with photographers and sit downs with coordinators and venue hopping. We're just trying to stay true to our no frills ultra chill nature of our love. Whenever we feel that someone places expectations on us for what we "should" do its a hard stop. This day is about celebrating with the people we love, not doing what we "should" do. I hope that makes sense. 

We just want to be together forever. <3 

now go watch all of Jay's videos and bring tissues.