Almost a year ago I put together a short film. It was fully to express how I was feeling at the time and how this quote hit me when I read it.

Part exercise in abstract filmmaking : part making something, nothing like what I had made before.

The Problem of Pain from PJ Szabo on Vimeo.

I love when someone makes a film, or painting, or writes a song that they didn't know they had it in them. They just felt the desire to create something and to create it well. If you're reading this and you have made something that you never thought you could, or that when it came into the world it surprised you, share it with me if you would with an explanation as to why it is so "uncharacteristic" of you, and how that characterizing might not be complete because of this project.

This film taught me that what I make is bigger than wedding films and promotional videos. It showed me that something within me wants to make film that connects deeply with people. that this medium that I've devoted my life to is stronger and more mysterious than I could have ever imagined. It calls me to dive deep into the history of this tradition and to mine the beauty I find there.

There are good films to be made. Great art to be created.

show me what you got. @pjszabo on twitter or drop me an email