This year has been a long one. and I don't mean like just January to now. I mean like last june to this one feels like 6 years.

I can honestly say in the past 12 months I have exported and "shipped" more video content than i have in the previous 48 months. 

I'm on retainer with a client that has volume. They need interviews in markets all across the country and their marketing team churns our content like it's their job (because it is). I'm so grateful to be a part of it. It's challenged me and taken me some adjusting to get used to the work load. For instance I bought a new computer to double the work i can do. So i literally sit with one open rendering and immediate move to the other one to continue the edit. (meaning that i have everything duplicated in mirror so i can switch back and forth. 

yeah it's excessive. 

but in the content creation craft you're only as productive as the machines you have. 

That being said. It's still a craft. It's still a heart, mind, soul, heavy-lifting work. So with that there needs to be rest, rhythm and restoration. Annie Leibovitz in her masterclass on photography on talks about taking time to make sure you're inspired. And recently on Good the Podcast they talked about taking time to watch films.

It's no use making things when you never get to enjoy the work and labor of your craft. 

Just imagine being a chef who never sat down to enjoy a good meal whether you made it or someone else. Sit back and enjoy it. 

That being said; Ugly Delicious on Netflix is my current jam in the documentary series space. I just finished Flinttown. That was powerful. I highly recommend both. 

In the meantime I compiled all the projects I've worked on in the past 12 moths. Here's some of my favorite moments from them.