When you sit down to create the flood of thoughts begin like this for me:

"What the hell is this? What should it look like? Should I go with what I know is safe or should I push a little further? Should I spend time on every shot? Should I just hurry and get it done? Does it even matter?"

Then the self-judgement sets in:

"You're such a hack. You would half-ass this, coward. You would spend way too much time on that shot you distracted overachiever. You'll never be a real filmmaker. You'll never have your work published. You won't ever work on a feature. You'll definitely never color a feature. You have no idea what you're doing."

"Just stop working and give up. The film is going to suck so just stop."

And welcome to a Monday morning. This is how I want to start my week of 8 hour days editing & coloring film.

Hear all those thoughts, concerns, doubts and fears; then respond with "Now that you're done, I have some work to do." sip my coffee and start working.

I'm encouraged by something one of my good friends who also creates said the other day when we ended our conversation "Alright, get out there and do the good work."

now to you: Get out there and do the good work.

Happy Monday.

(here's a recent frame from a new film about Havasupai)