What I love about this promo for Taco Bell's breakfast, is the dedication to a very obvious slam of McDonalds that plays out in every element of the visuals of the film. 

The costumes of the guards as clowns. 

The depiction of the crunch wrap breakfast as a "hexagon" stating "hexagon is bad".

for some reason i love this costume design. The subtlety  of the purple pants, muted against the same black pants. 

The speaker box in with all these monitors. 

Even the defamation of the playfulness of the "food toys" so many of us grew up with. It's a visceral "edgy" stretch and it is executed so well. 

And finally, the giant ball pit moat. It's incredible. 

Great work to the finishing team at A52 for bringing this together almost a year ago. Watch the film below.