A Month in Maine

Friends were living in Northern Maine for a few months an invited us to join them. I knew Maine was a thing but I didn't know how incredibly breathtaking every inch of it is. This summer while visiting Yosemite I started reading "The Hour of Land" by Terry Tempest Williams. When she got to her chapter on Maine this quote at the beginning enchanted me. It made me curious about what makes someone weak when they think of a place. How the light looks off the lake, how the rocks holdfast along the shoreline and how the trees stand resolute in the wind and cold. How could a place captivate you like that?

Then we arrived in Maine.

Enjoy this video. And fall in love with Maine.

Happy birthday to Jenna and thank you to the Brightwells for letting us enjoy their little slice of this heaven on earth for a month.

Filmed on Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6k and GH5. Music licensed from the Music Bed.